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Бүгін 07.04.2020
The theme :Unit 8 .Our neighbourhood .Places in a town .
Form: 6th
Ex 1 p 92 Match twelve of the words in the box with places 1-12 in the city simulation game on page 93
Language point :there is ,there are + a, an, some and any .
a.We use some with plural nouns in affirmative sentences.
b.We use any with plural nouns in negative sentences.
c.We use a or an with singular nouns in affirmative and negative sentences.
Home work :Ex 5 p 92 Complete the sentences about Newville using there is /isn’t ,There are /aren’t and a/an ,some and any .
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Бүгін 08.04.2020
The theme:A description of a modern city.
Жаңа сөздер
Form :6th
Ex 1 p 94 Look at the photos and choose six words that you can use to describe the building .
Write and translate new words in your dictionaries .
Ex 2 p94 Read the text and write true or false.Correct the false Sentences .
Home work : Ex 4 p94
What do these adjectives describe ?find them in the text and check.

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Бүгін 10.04.2020
The theme :Language focus Is there ….?,Are there ……?
Form :6th
Ex 1 p 95 Complete the questions from exercise 5 on page 94
Ex 2p95
Choose the correct answers
1 We use some /any in questions
2We use yes,there is and No,there isn’t with singular nouns/plural nouns
3We use yes,there are and no ,there aren’t with singular nouns /plural nouns
Home work :Ex 3 p 95
Complete the questions with is there,are there

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Бүгін 16.04.2020
The theme :Asking for travel information.
Form :6th
Aims ( мақсаты) Learn key phrases for asking for travel information
Learn travel uses of the prepositions by and on .
Task 1 Read and complete the dialogue.
Answers :1 .50, 2.ten 3.bus station
Language point :Prepositions :by and on
By bus /coach/car/train /plan
On the bus /coach/train/plan
On foot
Ex 4 p 67 (work book)

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Бүгін 22.04.2020
The theme:A description of a town .
Form :6th
Form :Aims :1.Study a model text .
2.Learn key phrases for describing a town or city.
3.Learn about the position of adjectives .
Task 1
Read the text and translate the wods in blue.
Task 2
Ex 2 p99
Complete the key phrases with the words in the box.
Language point:Position of adjectives .
1The adjectives are before the nouns .
2Really and very are before the adjectives .
Ex 5 p 99 Order the words to make sentences.

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Бүгін 22.04.2020
The theme :My Country .A City park .
Form :6th
Aims (мақсаты)1.Learn vocabulary for talking about parks.
2.Read a text about the First Presidents Park .
3.Revise comparative adjectives.
Task 1 Read the text.
Task 2 Ex 3 p 100
Look at the words in blue in the text and complete the table.

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Бүгін 23.04.2020
The theme :Geography :Reading a map
Form :6th
Aims(мақсаты)Learn vocabulary and key phrases for reading a map.
Practise reading a map.
Ex 1 p101 Check the meaning of the words and match them with symbols 1-6.
Ex 2 p 101 Read the text and translate the new words.
New words
8.train station

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