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Unit 7. Healthy habits
People in sport .p 92
1. Task Write down as many names of sports as you can.
2.Ex 1p 92 Match photos 1-6 with six of the words in the box .
Home work :Ex 4 p 92
Language point :Imperatives
Study the imperative sentences in the table .Then answer the questions.
Affirmative / Negative
Buy the player / Don’t buy the player
Speak to them / Don’t speak to them
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The theme :Reading Women in sports.
Form :7 th
Ex 2 p 94
Read the interview and match interview questions 1-6 with answers
A-G in the text.
Ex 3 p94
Read the text again and complete the sentences with one ,two or three words.
Home work: Answer the questions :
1. What kind of racing do you like ?
2. What team sports do you compete in?
3. Who are your favourite sports stars?
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The theme:Language focus be going to will and be going to
Ex 1 p 95
Order the words to make sentences .
We use be going to to explain plans and intentions.
We use be going to + infinitive :I’m going to play football In the negative form we use not +going to :He isn’t going to come .
Ex 4 p 95 Study the examples .Which sentence is a plan and which is a prediction ?
Home work :Ex 5 p95
Write sentences with be going to or will
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The theme :Compound nouns :Sports
Form :7th
A compound noun contains two or more words that join together to make a single noun like :keyboard,seafood,bus stop,textbook.
Ex 1 p96
Choose the correct words .
Ex 2 p96
Complete the sentences with a word from box a and a word from box
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The theme :Making plans and arrangements .
Aims (мақсаты ):1Listen to a conversation about plans and arrangements
2 Learn about Indefinite pronouns
Ex 3 p 98 Complete the dialogue with the key phrases Ex 2 p98
Language point :Indefinite pronouns (неопределенные местоимение)
We use any in negative sentences or questions and some in affirmative sentences.
Ex 5 p 98 Complete the sentences with the Indefinite pronouns in the box .
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The theme : A formal letter
Aims:Study a model formal letter learn key phrases for writing a formal letter.
Ex 1 p99 Read the model text and answer the questions .
Ex 3 p 99 Study the key phrases
Key phrases :
I am writing to you because
Yours faithfully
Please contact me
I look forword to hearing from you
Dear Sir or Madam
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The theme :Healthy habits .
Aims (мақсаты) 1.Talk about healthy habits .
2.Learn how to use will for offers and promises.
3.Learn and practise using tag questions .
Task 1
Ex 1 p100 Look at the list and choose the options which you think are healthier.
Task 2
Ex 3 p100 Read the dialogue again .Are the sentences true or false ?
We can use will and won’t to make offers and promises.
1.The tense in the tag question is the same as the tense in the statement.
2.We use a positive tag after a negative statement and a negative tag after a positive statement .
Ex 5 p 100 Match 1-6 with a-f
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The theme:Talking about scores.
Form :7th
Aims (мақсаты):Learn key phrases for talking about scores.
Practise talking about scores.
Ex 1 p101 Check the meaning of the words in the box.Then complete the sentences with the words.
Ex 3 p 101 Read the dialogue and write true or false.Correct the false sentences.
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The theme :Math :Average speed .
Aims :learn vocabulary for talking about average speed
Read statistics about average speed.
Practise calculating average speed in English.
Descriptor:pronounce words correctly
Average speed-
Descriptor:for the task 1
Ex 1 p102 Study the information and answer the questions
Descriptor :for the task 2
Ex 2p102Read the information and answer the questions
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