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Theme: Eating out.
1. Aim: You will be able to read the text and answer the questions
Task 1.
Here are four people talking about eating out. After you read, answer each question with a paragraph number (1-4)
1.The last time I went to a restaurant was about 2 months ago. My wife and I wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a good meal so we went to an expensive Italian restaurant in downtown Lisbon. We both had pasta to start and for the main course my wife ordered a steak and I chose fish. For dessert we both ate chocolate cake topped with fresh cream. Delicious!
2. I went to a restaurant yesterday evening with my sister's children. It wasn't very expensive and the menu was very limited. We all had a burger and French fries, and drank cola. It wasn't very good.
3. My boyfriend loves spicy food so this restaurant was perfect. The waiters were all really friendly and polite, and they played traditional sitar music which was very relaxing. The menu offered vegetarian dishes as well as meat dishes served with rice and a sauce - it depended on how hot you wanted it! I chose a mild beef curry but my boyfriend had a lamb 'vindaloo' - he also drank 2 liters of water!!
4. My class at the university went there last weekend. It's a very popular type of restaurant in my country. It generally offers one type of food (a kind of bread with cheese and tomato sauce) which you then choose what ingredients to add on top of it. I asked for olives and mushrooms on mine and my classmates each had something different so we could taste a piece of each person's meal.
1. In which text did the person go there for a special occasion?
2. In which text did the person visit an Indian restaurant?
3. In which text did the person eat pizza?
4. In which text did the person eat fast food?
5. In which text did someone eat seafood?
6. In which text did the person talk about the atmosphere of the restaurant?
7. Which restaurant was cheap?
8. In which text didn't the person enjoy their meal?
9. In which text did someone eat a very hot dish?
10. In which text did the person have a vegetarian meal?
2. Resources: https://expresspublishing.kz/excel-grade-8/
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